Gumbonola Holistic Multidisciplinary Cooperative Assembly The Shrinking of Black New Orleans: The White Power Recreates the City. How Does It Fare on HBO? (BUZZFLASH)

In our ongoing effort to promote the wellbeing of our local culture and by extension, the wellbeing of all humanity, we are examining what is being written and proposed which relates to this theme.   From time to time we will bring you what we have been able to glean as relevant from myriad published sources.

This is a thought provoking article which discusses the ongoing existence of ideologies determined to reinvent our culture as a model of human engineering.  It is just this kind of insidious intervention of the natural progression of human interaction which we find intolerable for its inherent intolerance.  Please check out this excellent review on an equally excellent site: The Shrinking of Black New Orleans: The White Power Recreates the City. How Does It Fare on HBO? (BUZZFLASH)

Can we talk?

Can we?  Sometimes it seems that we can't.  Why is that?  Have we lost the need or desire to interact?  Are we cloistered in a world of electronic devices and captivated by myriad seductive media?  Is our attention devoted to our home, our profession, our social group?  Yada yada yads, you say?

OK, then don't read on.  But,  if you're among those of us who feel we need to get back to being a whole society, or need to reinvent society as a holistic, integrated existence, then stick around.  We are interested in your participation.

One thing we need to establish right off is that we are a cross-cultural, multi-philosophical, all-inclusive entity.  Our main preoccupation is getting all people together to appreciate each other's different perspectives.

We believe there are too many divisive forces out there deliberately attempting to keep us apart by claiming to have all the answers and all the solutions and all the directions we could possibly need.

They each have their own reasons and rationales, but generally their intentions are the same: to attract members who will pledge their exclusive allegiance,  and avoid or condemn all other philosophies.

We eschew such tactics and motivations. Our intention is to bring people together for mutual support and encouragement, regardless of politics, religion, economic status, ethnicity, or any other facile category designed to define, stereotype, segregate, or alienate people from one another.   The only intolerance we propose is for intolerance itself.

This doesn't mean we condone negative behaviors or malevolently-motivated policies;  we simply embrace all ideologies for improving the human condition.  In addition, we do not  condone the demonization of any group or individual, regardless of their perceived negative motivations: we only strive to promote positive, progressive strategies in dealing with negative or regressive ideologies.

Tolerance for the inadequacies of human ability is a hallmark of our philosophy.  We believe that none of us is perfect in relation to any other one of us.  Some of us are simply more able because of some coincidental endowment or circumstance.  Others less able are just as valuable for the abilities they do embody.  Everyone is considered able to contribute within the boundaries of his or her abilities.   For that reason we welcome all to our assembly and hope to nurture and promote the given abilities of each individual for the benefit of all.

In the coming weeks we will be presenting more details of proposals intended to effect improvements within some paradigm of the human condition, i.e., "housing," or "agriculture." or "sustainable energy." etc.    Please revisit us during this our startup phase and by all means "keep the  faith!"